Work With Me

Ready to really make that transition to a better diet, cut loose from the crash-and-burn cycle of junk food binges, or just figure out how to eat a few greens without wanting to puke? Here’s the part where we make it happen.

A quick heads up: these packages are ideal follow-ups to the Eat Well. Party Hard. ebook, which is packed with customizable templates and resources to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. They’ll rock your world on their own, of course, but the book covers a lot of preemptive ground, leaving us more time to get right to the point.

Blueprint Session: $100

Together, we define your health goals, get clear on why these objectives hold meaning for you, and create a tailor-fit plan to get you moving toward the lifestyle you wanna live.

You + me + a one-hour Skype date. We delve into what you want (more energy!) and what you don’t (to give up cupcakes). You tell me about yourself, your food loves + hates, your typical crazytown schedule. You peace out for a drink, a show or maybe just a nap, and I spend the next hour or two crafting a framework for lasting change—not some depressing diet plan to cast off after bikini season. We reconvene for another half hour to review and clarify.

You walk away with:

  • 3 weeks’ worth of meal plans + accompanying shopping lists for each
  • List of suggested (significant, but totally doable) improvements to your current style of eating
  • 3 potential anchor habits you already have in place, based on the description of your typical week, plus a list of new actions to attach to each one as you begin upgrading your regular routine

In the space of a few hours, we cut through the confusion and equip you with the clarity + control necessary to turn “I want” into “I have.”

Pit Stop Series: $75

Maybe you’re already on track, and a full-monty Blueprint Session is more than you need. But you could use…

  • Accountability to ensure you keep up the progress
  • Feedback on whether you’re getting all your nutrients as your eating style changes
  • Clarity on which goals are delivering satisfaction/which need tweaking to fully fit with your values

We kick things off with a similar (but shorter) Skype call to outline the changes you’ve already got underway and define which metrics to monitor over the upcoming weeks.

You then get:

  • That same customized list of suggested improvements to your current style of eating
  • 3 biweekly, 30-minute check-in sessions to reflect on the progress you’ve made + analyze what’s working and what isn’t

You keep doing your thing, I pop in to make sure you’re on course and answer any questions that come up. Security. Solidarity. Success.

Immediate Relief Session: $50

The quickest way to kickstart realistic, non-terrifying habit change. No time to read through a whole e-book? No space in your schedule to set up regular coaching sessions? Immediate Relief is your silver bullet.

In one hour, we identify 3-4 of your personal health setbacks, then choose one to tackle. I create a plan of action to help you face that one challenge, today–something that will bring quick relief, thereby boosting your confidence and setting the stage for a growing snowball of further change. Losing 50 pounds or switching to a totally plant-based diet won’t happen all at once; however, finding peace within an intolerable situation immediately is more doable than you might think.

You get:

  • A B.S.-free outline to immediately overcome one of your health hurdles
  • A short follow-up session 1-2 weeks later to check in on your success + evaluate whether to keep it up, or whether to move on to the next setback


What happens next

Let me know which of these packages sounds like your cuppa in the form below, then hit “Submit.” We’ll chat to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.