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Adria | Healthy Vegas Vegan

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How did Healthy Vegas Vegan come to be?
I am a total researcher, and I have devoured hundreds of books and articles on veganism, nutrition, fitness, and raw food. Consequently, I became the go-to person for friends and family and their questions. When I saw several of my family members go vegan through my influence, I was hooked.

I started this website because I genuinely love helping people by giving them advice they can immediately put into action. Don’t tell anybody, but the real story is that I ran out of family and friends to mother so I wanted to expand my scope! With my blog, I can use my voice to connect with even more people.

What motivated you to commit to a whole-foods vegan lifestyle?
I went vegetarian about 10 years ago for ethical reasons—thanks to my mother-in-law who later went vegan under my influence! For the first few years, I was basically eating a veggie version of the Standard American Diet, and I slowly gained weight until I had a wakeup call involving a photograph and a scale. 

Once I started researching, my diet naturally made a slow move towards vegan, and I was focusing on whole foods more and more. All the cookbooks I was using were vegan, and about 3 years ago, after listening to a few episodes of Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s podcast Vegetarian Food for Thought, I finally committed to being vegan.

My diet has been a constant evolution. Along the way, I’ve incorporated many different vegan modalities. Macrobiotics, food combining, and raw food all influence how I eat today. My current diet is just another step in that evolution – check out what I eat as a low fat high raw vegan.

What advice would you give to readers working to lead a less processed life?
Every step counts. This advice from Colleen Patrick Goudreau is so critical: don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. 

Start with one thing and build. If you are trying to add more raw fruits and veggies to your diet, start by making a large green smoothie for breakfast. Once you’ve got that down, add a large salad before your dinner meal.

 Remember, it’s a gradual evolution, and don’t feel discouraged! Each practice you add builds on the foundation you’ve already established until you have a solid healthy routine which comes naturally to you.

My goal is simply to feel amazing and maintain a positive relationship with food. Anything that doesn’t jive with that just isn’t sustainable in the long run!

Favorite in-a-pinch healthy meal?
Fruit! If I’m rushing out the door, it’s easy to grab 5 apples and eat them in the car. If I have a few minutes to sit down, I love digging into a whole papaya. 

If the concept of making a meal on fruit is new to you, check out my article All Raw All Week to see just how simple it is. And for the nutrition chart that shows you can meet all your needs eating this way! 


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Exciting news, readers: if you want inspiration for creating your own simple fruit and veggie-based meals, you can download a free copy of Healthy Vegas Vegan’s ebook Just Fruits and Veggies: 7 real-life days of low fat raw vegan right here! It’s full of photos, recipes and descriptions of everything Adria ate in a week, plus nutritional charts and analyses from every day. Super informative + helpful!