I have news! + 5 non-food-related ways to make life more awesome


A few weeks back, I mentioned that workin’ with me was about to get a bit more expensive. Curious as to why? Today’s the day to find out!

My coaching packages are now way more specific—which also makes them way more benefit-filled and, ultimately, truckloads more effective. If you’re trying to get healthy or lose weight but gag at the sight of veggies and “weird” foods, or if you know how “healthy” works but are trapped in a cycle of food addiction or emotional eating, we can change that together. Like, for good. Learn more about both here.

However! If you’re here just for the free resources and to procrastinate on all the work you’re supposed to be doing today, read on. The following are some of the best internet haunts you’ll find for making your life more awesome in all kinds of ways—not just food + physical health. I read these peeps’ posts religiously—they’re real, they’re smart and they’re wonderfully creative—and would happily grab a drink with any + all of them in real life.


Read Budgets Are Sexythe personal finance blog for people who hate personal finance. For a while, the quote under the header read “It’s like the Miley Cyrus of personal finance.” I have no clue what that means, but J. Money is one awesome mohawk rocking, beer drinking, hip hop blaring guy.


Read The Little Foxes. Ashlee is the queen of compassionate beauty and fashion. While my own plant-based life is fueled primarily by the health perspective, Ashlee’s approach is all about kindness to living things—which I completely support, even if my posts don’t focus on it. Homegirl is constantly giving away great swag—upscale bags, clothing and style products galore. SCORE.


Read The Bomber Jacket. I get really sick of the cynicism, pretentiousness and lazy following of trends that oozes from major music news publications (looking at you, Pitchfork). The Bomber Jacket has none of that. The pieces are passion-filled, enthusiastic and fair, and writers do not “rank artists, but rather, we will try to explain what it is that makes an artist either adored or reviled.” What’s more, the site employs music journalists from around the world, so that “people who want to read up about Canada’s Diamond Rings will also be able to read about a band in Barcelona called Za!” So rad.


Read The Rheel Daze. At least once in almost every post, I get the feeling that Kelly has somehow crawled into my brain, taken a look at all my first-world problems and pet peeves, and put them down on (digital) paper in a far more hilarious way than I ever could.

Take, for example, the opening line of this post, which revolves around the drawn-out battle with her fire alarm: “Have you ever been so lazy that the steps you take to avoid doing something end up requiring more energy than had you just fixed the problem in the first place?” Why yes, Kelly, that’s actually my M.O. for most of the problems I have. It’s not working out very well.


This one’s a tie between several stellar ladies. All marching to the beats of their own drums, all doling out crazy-useful biz advice.

Where do you go to make your life more awesome?

PS: Speaking of free resources, I wrote a free guide to creating killer confidence—anywhere + at any weight. You can snag a copy here.

  • http://www.thewineglassmanifesto.com Alisha

    Amazing list – love all these people! I love Hello Giggles, Thought Catalogue, and Yesandyes.org for daily amazement.

    • http://eatwellpartyhard.com Claire (Eat Well. Party Hard.)

      Yes and Yes was a life-changer, seriously. A friend introduced me to Sarah’s writing back in college, and I wouldn’t be the same without it :)

      • http://www.thewineglassmanifesto.com Alisha

        Totally agree. She’s definitely one of the good ones.

  • http://budgetsaresexy.com J. Money

    Thank you so much, friend! Glad you’re enjoying the blog and getting something out of it :) That Miley tagline? It was a comment someone said about me compared to other personal finance bloggers, haha… I’m pretty sure it was meant to be an insult, but I loved it so much I had to promote it for a while ;)

    • http://eatwellpartyhard.com Claire (Eat Well. Party Hard.)

      Absolutely getting something out of the blog :) Some of the topics are still WAY over my head, but it regularly gets me thinking about money + how to use it in a much more long-term way. Super helpful and un-boring.

  • http://www.therheeldaze.com Rheel Daze

    Thanks Claire! Wow, this is by far the most fun list my blog has ever been a part of. So awesome, I’m really flattered. And I will definitely check out the Bomber Jacket. I’m always looking for new music and get sick of my Pandora suggestions.

    • http://eatwellpartyhard.com Claire (Eat Well. Party Hard.)

      You’re so welcome, Kelly! Thanks for making me snort coffee out of my nose on a regular basis.