Healthy gym, conference + festival eating: here are all the resources you need

Friends! My brother + almost-sister-in-law tie the knot this week, so I’ll be largely away from the internet. If we’re buds on Instagram, though, we can “like” each other’s visual updates and laugh together about our adventures. Come say hi!

And speaking of friends, I’m so grateful for connections many made with fellow creative, passionate, driven people–all via the internet! The online world is a wonderful place. To celebrate that, here are a handful of useful guest posts I’ve swapped back and forth with various internet crushes; check ‘em out, poke around their sites, and who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love with a new friend’s writing, too.

If you’re ready to start eating healthier + cutting out the junk, but are just too overwhelmed by everything else on your plate, go say hi to Cassie.


If you’re a driven business babe trying to navigate professional conventions + conferences without caving to the crappy complimentary buffet table, check out what Halley’s up to.


If your summer plans involve singing + sweating + dancing it UP at a music festival (or three, or four) and you want to bring your newfound healthy habits on the road, Miranda is your girl.


And finally! If you’re a gym junkie/are working to become one, but are totally baffled by all the pre-workout fuel options (energy bars! Protein shakes! Muscle milk!), the Fit Bottomed Girls have all your answers.

What are your favorite internet haunts? Where do you go for inspiration and life improvement?

PS–5 pantry staples that will repeatedly save your ass + eating veggies when your significant other hates them