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What would your life look like one year from now—if you took control of it today?

Are you fed up with feeling powerless when it comes to what and when you’re eating, but live too chaotic a lifestyle to find time for change? Are you exhausted by the roller coaster of energy highs + crashes that interrupt your daily routine and productivity? Are you sick and tired—literally—of being unhealthy, endlessly hungry and out of control?

That way of life is so over. Enter: Eat Well. Party Hard—in book form.

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Packed with down-to-earth, proactive steps to take that put you—not your unpredictable schedule or exhausting work hours—in control of when and how you nourish your body, this book lays the groundwork for a genuinely healthy relationship with food—one that fuels your most focused work and your hardest partying.

If you’re fed up with feeling out of control, this book is for you—especially if:

  • You live your life at breakneck speed and aren’t sure how to start taking better care of your body.
  • On the rare occasion that you do find time to eat something more worthwhile than a gas station granola bar, you feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall in hopes that a few strands stick (because with no solid preparation system or knowledge of nutrient balance, you’re kinda making it up as you go).
  • You struggle to stick to your clean-eating goals while friends, family and/or coworkers are content to knock back a burger & beer and call it a day.

Eat Well. Party Hard. addresses these specific challenges (and more), arming you with concrete exercises with which to apply the concepts covered to your own life. You’ll also get:

  • A cheat sheet of the smartest on-the-go meal choices for those can’t-make-it-home-for-dinner days
  • A completely customizable week-long meal planning template that makes nutrient + food group balancing a breeze
  • An all-bases-covered resource list of apps + unpretentious kitchen gadgets to minimize planning and prep time, freeing up the rest of your highly valuable waking hours to get shit done (or to just stop and take a breath)

If you’re ready to take charge of your health, your energy, your life, click below to grab your own copy of Eat Well. Party Hard.


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  • A systematic, down-to-earth approach to healthy eating
  • Customizable templates + action-spurring worksheets


People are loving this book.
Here’s what some of them have said:

“Good reading. Y’all better order this. Claire did a killer job at curating pretty much all you need to know about changing your eating habits for sustainable health improvement.
—Gerrit Feenstra: Blogger for KEXP

If you’re looking to eat healthier but aren’t sure where to start and want someone to spell it out for you in a non-preachy but well-informed way….this is the book for you.It’s filled with step-by-step  instructions and helpful tips on how to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle.  I consider myself pretty well-versed on the subject, but I still learned a bunch. For instance, I’m breaking up with my regular granola bars and upgrading to LARABARS after reading.”
—Kori Crosson: Paint & Tofu

“If you guys don’t know Claire from Eat Well. Party Hard., you are missing out. Her voice is fresh, funny and unique, and I know her ebook, Eat Well. Party Hard., is going to be just as wonderful as her blog and she is! Buy this book as soon as possible!”
—Gabby Ouimet: The Veggie Nook

“Even the most virtuous eater can benefit from this book. As a holistic health coach, I found the workbook and meal planning sections endlessly helpful and motivating for clients. As a real person in the real world who sometimes (correction, often) eats a less-than-ideal diet, I found comfort in the sections that cheer you on despite slip-ups and get you ready to rock the next day. Claire knows her stuff and makes eating well and compassionately stunningly simple and, best of all, funEat Well. Party Hard. is a treasure.”
—Ashlee Piper: Holistic health coach, vegan beauty + lifestyle blogger at The Little Foxes, community manager for Vegucated

“There isn’t a kinder, gentler friend out there [than Claire] to guide you along the path to eating well – really well in every sense of the word.  If you’re prone to New Year’s resolutions that fail every year followed by beating yourself up for failing – this is your book.  Here’s why: Claire breaks it all down for you – in baby steps – and helps you make eating well a habit.  And (good) habits are the key to success. 

A new year is here.  Forget the resolutions.  Instead, treat yourself to Eat Well. Party Hard. and get help, get motivated, and get busy creating new and healthy habits for yourself.”
Annie Oliverio: An Unrefined Vegan

“I like to consider myself a fairly healthy person, but I am constantly growing and learning through meeting like minded friends and gorging myself on natural health blogs and books. Claire has managed to combine all the things I strive for into one compact and straightforward eBook, and the best thing is, she does it with sincerity, structure and a genuine interest in helping other people. Claire explains, from an experienced, yet stress free point of view, simple and effective steps for improving your health without feeling like you’re sacrificing the things you love in life. If you’re looking to change your life in a meaningful and sustainable way, you won’t find a more dedicated and passionate mentor than Claire.”
Kirsty Dummin-Smith: The Natural Foodie



  1. How do I know Eat Well. Party Hard. is really going to make a difference?
    Because, above all, it’s practical. Eat Well. Party Hard. is not about quitting your job, relocating to an off-the-grid farmhouse and preparing three gourmet meals a day with your homegrown, heirloom organic vegetables. You’ve got shit to do, and I get that—I’ve been there. This book isn’t about evading your responsibilities; it’s about transforming your mindset from I have so much to do, there’s just no time to worry about food to I have so much to do, I need to fuel up as smart as possible in order to do my best damn work.
  2. Can’t I find all of this information for free around the Internet?
    You absolutely can—there’s a ton of it out there. But for what you save financially by going the DIY route, you sacrifice in the form of a systematic approach, resources that walk you through the process of applying said information to real life, and—your most valuable asset—time. I’ve spent years researching clean eating, the American meat/dairy/produce industries, plant-based diets, factory-made vs. whole foods and more. I’ve honed my ability to create nutrient-dense, large-quantity meals and snacks at home in short amounts of time (gotta get a lotta bang for your buck, y’all), and used that ability to fuel my own lifestyle as an entertainment industry professional in and around New York City—which equated to a lot of happy hours, concerts, festivals and after-parties, but not a lot of time for cooking or for sleep.You could definitely take up the challenges of research, recipe creation & cataloguing and behavior transformation on your own—but do you really want to?Eat Well. Party Hard. will save you heaps of time, stress and brainpower. And it’s flexible enough that life will still feel like it’s yours.
  3. Is there a guarantee?
    You bet. If you give the suggestions and resources in Eat Well. Party Hard. a two-month try and don’t feel more in control of your health, I’ll refund payment within 60 days of purchase.


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  • A systematic, down-to-earth approach to healthy eating
  • Refund within 60 days if it’s not your jam


Eat Well. Party Hard. might not be perfect for you if:

  • You’re looking for exact caloric and nutrient measurements to achieve weight loss.
    Though weight loss might be a nice side effect of improving your current relationship with food, the focus of Eat Well. Party Hard. is making changes that are sustainable in the long-term—not going on a “diet” to drop 20 pounds in a month.
  • You’re seeking medical advice.
    I did not go to med school. However, I’m damned good at organizing and systematizing (and helping others do the same), I’m rarely not thinking about or researching food, and I know from experience the extreme importance of resetting, recharging and refueling periods—however short they may be—in a life lived at breakneck speed.
  • You aren’t ready to take action.
    Your life won’t transform on its own—it’s up to you put in the work that leads to great changes. Eat Well. Party Hard. shows you exactly what steps to take in order to set those changes in motion, but it’s just a book; it can’t buy groceries, pack a lunch or read ingredient lists. You’ve gotta be ready to turn those action steps into habits if you truly want to enjoy control.

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  • Customizable templates + action-spurring worksheets
  • 60-day money back guarantee